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"El catarro, la gripe y otras infecciones/Colds, the Flu, and other Infections"
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Mom calling on the phone / Doctor talking on phone and hanging up (2 takes)

Siempre la llamada correcta.  Su Hogar Médico.

The right calls every time.  Your medical home.


An adolescent is in bed with red and watery eyes, stuffy nose, dry hacking  cough and mom sitting by the bed with a thermometer in her hand.

La temperatura ya te subió a más de 102 grados y ya tienes unos días sintiéndote mal.

Your temperature is now up to 102 and you have been feeling sick for a few days now.

Me duele todo el cuerpo y la garganta.

My body and my throat hurt.


Mom gets up and walks to the kitchen where she picks up the telephone and looks at the magnet with the Dr.'s number and dials.

Has estado descansando y tomando muchos líquidos y la medicina de la tienda no te ha aliviado.
Esto puedo ser más que un simple catarro. Llamaré a tu doctor. 

You have been resting and drinking lot of fluids. And the over the counter medicine you have been taking has not made you feel better.  This could be more than a simple cold.  I will call your doctor.


Mom speaks on the phone

Sí gracias. Necesito una cita para llevar a mi hija el día de hoy.

Yes, hello.  I need an appointment for my son today.


 Mom writes the appt. time down.

Allí estaremos a las 3.  Gracias.

We will be there at 3.  Thanks.






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1 800 367 2229

Para encontrar un hogar médico o información sobre cómo calificar para el seguro gratuito o de bajo costo para niños llame al

To find a Medical Home o for information on qualifying for free or low-cost children's health insurance, call 1-800-367-2229.